Girl, do you have options...

When it comes to photo booth rental options, we've got something to fit any vibe you're going for. Find the perfect combo below.

The Chickadee Pro Booth

photo booth rental asheville

Our Chickadee Pro Photo Booth is our industry-leading booth blending functionality with design. It's impossible to look at it and not feel like it is a seamless extension of your event.

Beyond its beautiful minimal design, it's crazy functional too. With a Chickadee Pro rental you get access to stunning features like:

  • Text / Email / AirDrop - your guests can instantly access their photos digitally for social sharing.
  • GIF & Boomerangs - your guests can choose from traditional photos, GIFs, or Boomerangs.
  • Video Confessionals - Afraid you may not get to talk with everyone on your special day? Have them leave you a video confessional that you can watch back when you're back from your honeymoon.
  • High-quality, unlimited on-site prints for your guests to take home.
  • Custom event branded print templates, on-screen designs, and more touchpoints.
photo booth rental asheville

Curated Backdrop Options

Cloud White Backdrop

Chickadee photo booth rental

Looking for something more straightforward and solid as a backdrop? Our cloud white backdrop is the perfect selection for a clean and classy look.

Boxwood Hedge Backdrop

boxwood hedge backdrop atlanta photo booth rental

Our artificial hedge greenery backdrop makes for the perfect Insta, snap or TikTok social moment. Popular for parties and weddings, it's truly versatile and can fit most aesthetics. Ask us to add a custom neon sign to it.

Interactive Backdrops

graffiti wall installation activation chickadee photo booth

Looking to level up your party with an interactive backdrop activation? From graffiti walls for Bar Mitzvahs to deconstructed guest books for Weddings, let's chat.

Custom Step & Repeats

Custom Corporate Backdrops

Looking for your own custom step and repeat backdrop for your corporate party or event? We've got you covered, just give us 30 days notice for your upcoming photobooth experience.

LED / Neon Signs

"it was always you"

it was always you led rental-1

Our "it was always you" LED sign rental is a perfect accent piece to add to weddings, engagement parties and showers. With adjustable brightness and a classic yellow-white glow, it is shown to elevate the entire photo booth experience.

$50 add-on

"Let's Party"

Let's Party LED Sign

Our "Let's Party" LED sign rental is a perfect accent piece to add to almost any fun-filled event. With adjustable brightness and a classic off-white glow, it is shown to elevate the entire photo booth experience.

$50 add-on

Not what you're thinking? We make custom dreams come true. Reach out to us to discuss your vision and we'll make it happen!