Top 3 Wedding Venues Near Sylva, NC

Wedding Venues Near Sylva NC

Are you daydreaming about getting married in the Smoky Mountains? If you’re like us and have fallen in love with the Western North Carolina area you know this is the perfect backdrop to get hitched. What are some of the best wedding venues near Sylva, NC to make your wedding dreams come true? In this article, we’re going to break down some of our favorites and why.

To be fair to all the other great towns in WNC, we are trying to stay within 20 minutes of Sylva for this list! If you’re looking for a broader radius, there are certainly other amazing venues to check out as well. Let’s get started:

Our Favorite Wedding Venues Near Sylva NC

1. The Parker Mill ($$$)

Quite arguably our favorite venue in the area, The Parker Mill is located 13 minutes northwest of Sylva and boasts a beautiful “everything you expect in WNC” view.

Originally an old 1930’s lumber mill, the venue founders Alexis & Brock won this abandoned mill in an auction and began the daunting project of bringing it back to life to what you see today.

Some of our favorite features of The Parker Mill:

  • Covered pavilion overlooking the mountains – You can’t ask for a better view when you are sharing your vows. Your guests will understand why you chose the mountains for this special day.
  • The Entry Way – Their entryway shows the heritage and historical charm of this old lumber mill. They kept the original cart tracks from the mill embedded in the floor, and this hallway works as a great versatile area for cocktail hour and the transition from ceremony to reception.
  • The Flow – The flow of this WNC wedding event venue is unlike most. Perfectly crafted to make the entire night seamless from one area to the next. By starting in the pavilion for the ceremony, then heading directly into the cocktail patio, bar-centered corridor/room, and ending in the main reception hall, it’s impossible not to think that The Parker Mill was destined to be a wedding venue.
  • The Mountain Top – As if their venue views aren’t stunning enough, they also have a dedicated Mountain top lookout where wedding photos become truly breathtaking. Or if you’re feeling saucy, it’s just asking for a helicopter entrance or exit.
  • The Team – We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alexis and Brock and we highly recommend you schedule an appointment to go tour this venue ASAP. They are so passionate about their venue and the clients they serve.

2. The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek ($$$)

The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek is located about 15 minutes southwest of downtown Sylva and is a beautiful rustic barn and vineyard. It doesn’t end at the grapevines. Their Dunkard Barn, “The Lodge,” offers an area for 5 bedrooms so the wedding party or guests can stay at this beautiful venue.


Of course, let’s not forget about the vineyards which add a level of class to the area.

Some of our favorite features of The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek:

  • The diverseness of locations and areas on the premises. There are plenty of different areas to this property that can range to make your wedding feel intimate or like a large gathering. This is also great to keep guests occupied, and give you options when it comes to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
  • With such a range of beautiful locations, your wedding photos are sure to come out exactly how you want them. Want mountains in the background? Check. Going for an Italian vineyard feel? Check. Want a fairytale garden vibe? Check.

3. Castle Ladyhawke at Bear Lake Reserve ($$$$)

Not ready to trade in your fairytale castle wedding dream for the mountains? Castle Ladyhawke won’t make you choose between the two. Located about 20 minutes southeast of Sylva downtown, this venue is close enough to still be easy to get to but just far away enough to feel like a journey into the mountains.

Some of our favorite features of Castle Ladyhawke:

  • The uniqueness of being a castle in the middle of the mountains. I mean come on, that’s pretty rad.
  • The professional staff. Take one look at this team’s about us page and you will see that they have a lineup of true event and culinary professionals.
  • The flexibility of flow. Your choice to have the reception on the lawn, patio, or in the great hall means that you have choices that can be customized for your crowd. Wanting to dance under the stars but eat inside? Not a problem.

It’s no secret that Castle Ladyhawke is priced a bit higher than the rest on our list, this is of course due to the venue’s unique real estate and the professional roster you have at your disposal. The uniqueness of this setting is the perfect venue if you’re the type to be a little “extra” in the most elegant way.

Look at this fun giveaway they did recently.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Near Sylva, NC

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We’d be remiss to mention that no matter the venue you choose for your wedding day, don’t forget about your guest experience. We’re partial, of course, but a photo booth rental can be the perfect takeaway for your guests to remember their time at your wedding. Chickadee offers photo booth rentals in all shapes and sizes to give you a perfectly “you” experience for your wedding’s vibe.

There are quite a few wedding venues near Sylva NC that are stunning and perfect places to host your special day. Just remember, that you can’t make a wrong choice when choosing among some of these favorites listed. After all, you are in the mountains.